2014 SOLSC Challenge Personal Teacher as Writer

Fun and Friends ~ SOLSC ~ 23/31



My name is Amanda, and I’m a recovering Groupon addict.

Around the holidays, I spent far too many wee hours searching anything and everything for great ideas and experiences we could do with the kids, but when I made the impulse purchase on the lift tickets and rental equipment, I was actually thinking it’d be more like a date than a family outing.

Plans changed.

With a scheduled day off in mid-February, we and about a million other people headed to a nearby ski resort to hit the slopes.  We arrived around 10 and close to 12:30 we had our tickets and equipment and were ready to head outside.  The kids were naturals.  They snowplowed and turned, leaned over and bent their knees for better balance.  We thought they would call it a day after we headed inside for some lunch, but they surprised us by heading back out for another couple hours.  We even attempted the tow rope, which they turned out to love!

Since that day, Calder and his friend Ben have been plotting a way to get back there to ski together.  His mom and I had talked it over, and thankfully, I called on Friday only to learn that today was their last day of the season!

We headed out shortly after attending church, and much to my surprise, there was hardly anyone there!!  No waiting, no lines, just collecting our gear and eating the packed lunches we brought.  From that point on, we were outside and those kids were skiing!  A few trips down together, and they had the hang of it!

I’m so thankful that not only are the boys great friends, but us moms are too!  Knowing that we’l have years of outings together ahead of us is so exciting!  And great motivation to learn new things!!! :)


  1. What a fun outing! Perhaps I’ll need to make a ski outing with my family happen next season.

  2. I love how you say you were searching for things to DO with the kids vs. the prevailing idea that it’s all about the THINGS for the kids — these are the moments and memories that stitch together amazing close-knit families!

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