SOLSC ~ Day 7 ~ Remember

Tonight, I started a second job. I tried to recall the scattered bits of information I gleaned from our hurried time together a week ago, and thankfully, most of it came back just fine. I made a few mistakes, but I’m reminded of the teary-eyed student today who I encouraged. “Mistakes are part of learning,” […]

SOLSC ~ Day 6 ~ Ready

We slept soundly, being profoundly tired in mind and soul. We roll and bury our faces into spaces where darkness isn’t depressing, but refreshing. It’s here that it seems dreams provide light, each night. We woke with a start our hearts racing to begin this new day… together. This post was written as part of […]

SOLSC ~ Day 2 ~ Risk

I watch them try and test, poke and pester their way through nouns and verbs using words to observe their changing world. They inquire and inspire me in countless ways beyond the days they are in my care. Unknown, we risk our way through this life, and all the while we learn.

SOLSC ~ Day 1 ~ Rest

I heard the high-pitched ring of the bells that signaled our pup’s need to go out, so I crawled out from the cocoon of covers. A few minutes and I was nestled back in, awaiting the prompt return to slumber. Thirty-six minutes later and I finally just got up. In the still of the night, […]

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