Students in my 8th grade English class have begun working on a collection of poetry.  We will be completing 8 different kinds of poems for students to compile and illustrate in a hardbound published book.

So far students have done a fair job of working at this genre.  Some have really taken to it and are blossoming as poets – trying different strategies or tools of the writing trade.  Others are still confused by poetry and are somewhat reluctant to really embrace the poetic form.

To date we have completed a Silent Loud Eternal poem, a Three Word poem, and an I Am poem.  Today we started an Object Poem.  We still have Epsitle Poems, Free Verse Poems, Limericks, and Poems for Two Voices to complete. 

I have encouraged students to try more than one of each type of poem so they can choose their best to include in their book.  Also, I am grading them on their poems and the overall neatness of their final project, not on their artistic ability.  Therefore, if they would like to seek help on their illustrations that is completely acceptable.

Students will have computer lab time in class to type their papers next week.  As always, if your son/daugther feels that they would benefit from additional time, they are free to take advantage of our open lab Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays after school if a home computer is unavailable.

The entire project is due no later than Friday, December 21st.  I anticipate the final week before break being spent on the illustrations and hope to have things wrapped up on Thursday (12/20) since that last day before break is filled with other fun activities.

Finally, the books are being published through StudenTales and paperwork will be sent home shortly with details on how to order an additional copy of your child’s book.  Be sure to ask for it!

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